We Blew it Up!

The day started off with Stu shooting guns with friends. The shot up some laptops and really blew them to shreds! In the afternoon we spent swimming and having a BBQ with some good friends from our high school days. It was a great Saturday! https://youtu.be/mjy5Zdm40bQ

We have a Major Problem!

Major issue hit the Stumys household today. Something broke...and it's required to live in our house. The boys and Amy were off for most of the day, so you get a Stu vlog today. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/FtQkxH0cbW8

Pew Pew…’Merica!

Footage was scarce for today's vlog, but we had a good day. Aiden went to therapy, Stu got lots of work done, and Amy got to go play with her friends. Fun things are coming though, so stay tuned! https://youtu.be/R7_9dqPCjUA