Memorial Day 2017 – Trips to the ER and Family BBQ’s

Today was Memorial Day. I figured since we’d be out and about, I’d film a video. I couldn’t not blog either about the day.

The morning was pretty chill. Amy went over to her Grandma’s house and cleaned for her, so the boys and I just hung out and watched cartoons.

In the early afternoon we headed over to Sandy Cemetery where my Grandpa is buried and put some flowers on his grave and visited with family. After that we headed over to my Mum and Dad’s house for a small family BBQ.

Before the BBQ started, my Dad and I ran up to my Grandma’s to help with a few items IMG_7102.JPGshe needed help with. While working on a sprinkler I received a frantic call from Amy. Liam had managed to fall off the swing set ladder and bust his chin open. We met them at the Emergency Room where they stitched him back up. He was a pretty brave kid, and I was surprised how chill he was. The gash on his chin was pretty gnarly.

After that brief 2 hour moment, we went back to the BBQ and had burgers and dogs and spent time in the backyard with everyone. My Grandma Crapo came down and joined us too.

My brother Sam broke out his new drone and flew it over the garden to show us. I was able to get the footage and add it to the video down below.

Overall it was a good day spent remembering those who came before us and spending time with our family.

Here’s the video I made of the day:


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